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Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnaces

central boilerCentral Boiler furnace models are engineered to be the most efficient outdoor wood furnaces available while providing the best durability, low maintenance features, and an appealing fit and finish. Central Boiler products are Made in the USA!  Read below and check out our Central Boiler Videos page for more information. We stock maintenance items and replacement parts for Central Boiler Classic Edge & E-Classic models.


Central Boiler Classic Edge Models

From an engineering standpoint, the Classic Edge’s revolutionary new patent-pending design delivers better efficiency and more heat output than traditional wood heating, all in an easy-to-operate and maintain package. From an aesthetic standpoint, the Classic Edge is made with the same quality and attention to detailthat Central Boiler has been known for for over 30 years. From a practical standpoint, the Classic Edge is the perfect combination of performance and value.

Central Boiler E-Classic Models

As the leader in the industry, Central Boiler has developed the E-Classic 3200, E-Classic 2400 and E-Classic 1450, the outdoor wood gasification furnaces that shatter virtually every preconceived notion about emissions and efficiencies of wood heating. The E-Classic with its three-stage combustion process can burn wood so completely that combustion efficiencies approach 100%. The thermal efficiency, or amount of heat delivered, will be less than the combustion efficiency and is affected by many factors including the quality of wood and the moisture content, as well as operator practices. With the easy-to-clean heat exchanger, the E-Classic produces extremely low emissions per Btu of heat delivered and is one of the cleanest ways to heat with wood. The E-Classic uses up to 50% less wood than traditional wood heating, which means less cutting and splitting to significantly reduce the time you spend preparing the wood. It can heat multiple buildings, domestic water, shops and more, and can replace multiple indoor wood stoves. Burning wood (a totally renewable resource) results in no net increase in carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas emission.

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Contact us today to for more information or visit the corporate web site to learn more about the Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnaces.  You can also check out our Video Page to hear testimonials about Central Boiler products, Made in the USA, see how they work, and the money you'll save with these incredibily well built and efficient outdoor wood furnaces.



Central Boiler Outdoor Wood Furnaces

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